Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ Government - Ucluelet First Nation      

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Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ Government – Ucluelet First Nation .
PO Box 699  Ucluelet BC
V0R 3A0

Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ Government – Ucluelet First Nation Cixʷatin Centre
700 Wya Road 
Hitacu BC
V0R 3A0

qʷayac̓iikʔiis  Preschool/Daycare    

Telephone: (250) 726-7342
Cixʷatin Centre . 700 Wya Road . Hitacu . BC . V0R 3A0


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Government Listings

Government Directory

Les Doiron
Alan McCarthy
Member of Legislature
council of the Ha̓ wiih representative to the Legislature
Richard Mundy
Member of Legislature
Jeneva Touchie
Member of Legislature
Jordan Touchie
Member of Legislature
Melody Charlie
Member of Legislature
Gordon Taylor
Member of Legislature


Rhonda Knockwood
Director of Operations
Suzanne Williams
Administrative Coordinator
Celena Cook
Christina Klotz
Law Clerk

Department of Finance

Assistant Chief Financial Officer
Melody Mundy
Sr. Accounting Assistant
Sheila Touchie
Accounting Assistant
Chief Financial Officer

Department of Lands and Resources

Manager of Lands and Resources
Kali Touchie
Administrative Assistant and GIS Technician
Darwin Webber
Sr. Lands and Resource Officer
Delaney Clayton
Jr. Lands and Resources Officer
Levana Mastrangelo
Lands and Resources Intern

Department of Community Services

Suzanne Williams
Assistant Director of Operations and Interim Manager of Social Services
Debbie Mundy
Community Engagement Coordinator
Dr. Bernice Touchie
Language Coordinator
Gloria Valentine
Community Wellness Coordinator
Pearl Touchie
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Veronica Williams
Administrative Assistant-Receptionist
Michelle Ralston
Interim Daycare Supervisor
Sandra Louie
Early Childhood Education Assistant

Department of Asset Management

Spencer Touchie
Management of Assets
Marilyn Touchie
Housing Coordinator
Jay Miller
Property and Building Services Coordinator
Jeremy Valentine
Property and Building Services Coordinator
Clorissa Tate
Administrative Assistant
George Tate

Committee Members

Treaty Implementation
Chair: Richard Mundy
President: Les Doiron
Member of Legislature: Alan McCarthy
Violet Mundy
Gordon Taylor 

Citizenship and Enrolment
Chair/Executive of Community Services: Jeneva Touchie
Sheila Touchie
Jackie Touchie
Dorothy Williams
Brenda Clayton
Levi Touchie

Director of Operations, Rhonda Knockwood   
Legislature Member: Melody Charlie
Legislature Member: Jordan Touchie

Economic Development
President: Les Doiron
Asset Management Portfolio: Gordon Taylor
Committee Member: Vacant
Committee Member: Jenny Touchie
Committee Member: Ross Elliott
(Non-voting) Economic Development Officer: as per Act 
(Non-voting) Asset Manager: 

Chair: Richard Mundy
Debbie Mundy
Gloria Valentine
Crystal Mastrangelo
Elaine Baird

Administrative Decisions Review Board
Review Officer: Christina Klotz              
Kimberly Touchie
Glen Vezina
Dan Legg
Gordon Taylor Sr.

Tax Authority
Executive Member, Richard Mundy